Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Bitch is a very hyped word. We use it in parties, in bathrooms and bedrooms, electronic and telephonic conversations, in café, in theaters, in parks, in offices, in shops and the list goes on except inside a church or a high worship place. But, the question is not what is ‘bitch’, after all everyone knows the literal meaning of it- ha ha ha female dog, but the thought is what is the difference between ‘a bitch’ and ‘the bitch’? To explain it in my own language, I will start it off with some illustrations. It is the day of your exam, say calculus exam, and all you know is your name. The colour of the ink is black, yet it is of no luck to you, you are so perplexed, you feel so shitty, to your rescue the girl/ guy beside you is the next Albert Einstein, what will you do? If you are going to plagiarize what she/he wrote then you are ‘a bitch’, but if you scribble in bold letters ‘Frankly, I don’t know. You can kill me’, then you are ‘The Bitch’, because you are so Original. You can proceed from here.  


So again the contradiction,

Boyfriend stealers are often labeled ‘Bitch’ by doing so we are narrowing the meaning of the word. If you know a boyfriend (belonging to someone) who is so miserable, really so, who weeps whole night just to be free from the clutches of a monstrous girlfriend. If you happen to meet that type of boyfriend in quiet little place or in the loudest of crowd, your eyes clicked, your smiles flicked and you became so hitched, then in that case, you are a boyfriend rescuer, that way you are ‘The Bitch’. But, if you have tons of guys hovering around you like bees over a flower yet you steals the boyfriend of a meek sweet soul, just by flashing out your lactose box, in that case you are ‘a bitch’, really you are. One advice to ‘a bitch’, be for the needy and don’t be a greedy.


Enter the dragon, there comes the lady boss who is so hard to deal with. She is blunt; she on your face, your Fashion TV type of opinion is structured into National Geography when she enters the broad room. She is so secured of what to wear, how to walk and what to do that she never asks for anyone’s opinion except her own. Gorgeous when she wears the crinkled designer scarf but ugly when she throws her weight on you. She means business, she has no time for gossiping, her yes is yes, and her no is no. Everyone hates her, but everyone respects her. She does not cry in front of anyone for she does not want to let people know that they have the power to hurt her, she is called devil, heartless yet she secretly pays the medical bills of her workers, she gives lift to her office’s watchman, she does not shout at the female worker who had over extended her maternity leave. I call that boss ‘The Bitch’. Then there is this lady who thinks that she is the first among the equals but she maintains her false modesty, she hardly notices your cares but compliments you where you do not deserve, out of Freudian slip she says that she is an angel incarnate but when you stare at her, she corrects herself by saying ‘Just kidding’. No matter what little or big thing you do for her, she will hardly remember it but if she does something miserably great then she will pen down in her dairy to refer back until her dying day. She is selfish by nature, when angry she calls on name (even racist slangs), she cannot tolerate hearing compliments about other girls. She thinks that whatever she did was right, so she never ask for forgiveness (come on, how can she be always right), but still she goes on to say, “I am the best human being on this earth.”  She is so artificial, super plastic. Hallelujah! May ‘The Bitch’ meet this ‘a bitch’.


Man can be a bitch and The Bitch? A bitch is the man in whose eyes you see a rascal soul, who pretends that he really cares for you, but in real he sees you as an object of his play. A bitch is a molester, a rapist, a wife beater, a harasser, a psychotic boyfriend who clings on you like a summer odor, who suffocates you, he takes away your pride, your existence, your creativity, in short who takes away you from yourself, and he never creates memories only commits sins. A bitch is the person who never wants to learn from his mistakes, he is a person of ingratitude, selfish and intolerance; he comes into our lives like a gentle soul and turns out to be the under-covered fallen angel. Do all the good to him, he will never be satisfied; he will be like a parasite sucking your blood in and out till you turn formless, and the worse is when he will keep you in a state of illusion. He makes you suicidal; he draws out the murderous instinct from you. You will love to hate him over and over again till he dies. 


On the other room, The Bitch is one who has the courage to say no when you are wrong, you will hate him like crazy for he has the guts to say the truth on your face. The Bitch is the one whose spirits cannot be tamed, he cannot be sold or bought, he does not pretend, he does not cheat; he is sometimes boringly optimistic, but always loyal. He may be hated, but without his love someone will be half a human. Mr. The Bitch, he is man of integrity, he is real, never pretends what he is not, he is a giver but ask nothing in return, you will be blessed to love him, and every day you will learn to love him more and more. You will learn from him that it is not a shameful thing to admit your mistakes and that life is all about learning from thyself and from others. He is everything which a bitch is not. He is the man of all seasons, he is a leader yet he is a follower, he is everything that makes you say, he is 'The Bitch'. He will teach you how to take care of yourself and will teach you never to give up…and he is one of the reason why I feel encouraged to keep on blogging. 

Don’t forget Karma, she will hunt you down. But guess what? The mother of all ‘The Bitch’ is Karma, in simple words the concept of what goes around comes back around. And if you think she is not The Bitch then I encourage you do have a rendezvous with her, she will take you for a wild ride, you never know how she will devour upon you, she will hit you in the most painful place, your heart. So, I say The Bitch will rule no matter what, and a bitch will keep on wondering and wondering why the sky is blue and the grass is green and the sun shines from east….meanwhile The Bitch will continue to be the phenomenal.


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